Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's in the stand...

This Bruce Gordon BLT was recently finished for a rider in Santa Rosa. There really is nothing remarkable about this bike and that is what makes it a very nice bike that will give its owner many, many miles of great riding experiences. All the parts on the bike were chosen for their usefulness and to give the rider the trouble-free riding experience that he wants. He came back from his first short test ride and smiled and said it's wonderful. Smooth, comfortable, stable, but it also has some spirit in its handling.


BLT Rear Rack/Brake
Rear rack attachment points and Paul Touring canti brake.

BLT Front Rack
Front rack attachment points and Paul Touring canti brake.

BLT Rear Rack
The offset rear rack attachment is a nice attention to detail to set the rack side off a bit that also allows for the fender strut to have clearance.

BLT Fender Attachment
I made this (and one for the seatstay bridge) custom spacer for the rear fender so that it fits the profile of the tire with sufficient clearance.

BLT Pedals
The owner will continue to get many more miles with his set of Nuovo Record pedals and Binda Extra straps.

BLT controls
Paul Thumbie adapters still allow a NiteRider MiNewt 350 to be easily mounted to the handlebar.

Ride on!

(What's playing: KWMR Swimming Upstream)

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Anonymous said...

Great looking bike. This owner will be very comfortable on this bike and no doubt will have a very enjoyable riding experience.