Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Want to start the new year off proper...

A few years ago a small clothing company for women cyclists started in Inverness, California. My Alibi makes some great clothing for women cyclists who wanted to cycle in comfort without having to look like they are kitted out in racing gear. I've carried their first product in the shop for a few years. The Bloomer is designed to be worn under casual shorts, pants, skirt... You get the idea. Cycling unders for women. I carry these in my shop and women dig them. Heck, I think the guys who accompany women into the shop dig them too. They never fail to hold up a pair and say something like "hey honey, I think you'd look great in these." And then I go on to explain how they are supposed to be used.

Anyway, Abbie, the owner and designer of My Alibi is also a kick-ass mountain bike racer. The main reason for this post is the demand for her My Alibi clothing is high. She has orders from some big places. Way bigger than Black Mountain Cycles if you can believe that. Heck, bigger than probably anything you can imagine. There's only one minor problem, she needs cash to make this production happen and that's where you come in.

My Alibi has launched a Kickstarter project to provide the capital to fund the production to really get the company off the ground and into some great retail establishments. I pledged to the project and am hoping readers here can do the same. There are some really great premiums that can be earned with a pledge. So women - check it out, pledge, and get yourself some great stuff. Guys, pledge and pick out some great clothing items for your lady. It's a win-win situation.

Go to the My Alibi Kickstarter page here and pledge now. There's 20 days to raise $45,000 to fund the project. You can say you had a hand in the launch of what's to become a hugely successful company. Pledge any amount you can. You'll feel better, trust me.

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