Monday, December 5, 2011

Parts, we gotcher parts on sale...

I run a pretty tight ship inventory-wise. However, sometimes I end up with parts for one reason or another that I'll likely not need in the foreseeable future. So, every so often I feel the need to make my buying error your purchasing error. Here are some parts that are one-time only "my loss is your gain" sale items.

First up. Before Shimano had 28t 10-speed cassettes, the Italian component company, Miche, was offering cassette cogs that could be mixed and matched in various combos. This is a 10-speed 12-29 cassette that will fit onto Shimano cassette splines (not the deep spline, though). The exact cogs are: 12-13-15-17-19-21-23-25-27-29. As is, it would sell for about $85. It's yours for $40. Lock ring not included.

There are a few nice square taper cranks on the market. One of them is the FSA Vero crank. It's nothing special to write home about. Forged arms, CNC aluminum rings in 50/34 combo. Just works nice. These are regularly $90, but the limited supply I have can be yours for $50 each. Pair them with a nice Shimano UN54/55 bottom bracket and you're set to go. I've got three in 175 and one in 170 length. The rings on the 170 are designed for Shimano 10 speed. The rings on the three 175 length cranks are designated as Shimano 9-speed, but they work just fine with Shimano 10 speed.

SRAM Rival cross crank. 175mm hollow arms. 46/38 rings in a 130mm bolt circle. Includes a GXP external bottom bracket. This cranks has been installed in a frame by never used. No box included. Regular price is $225, but you can have this set for $115 with bottom bracket.
*(Rival crankset is sold)

SRAM Red right side shifter. I thought I was ordering a pair of Force shifters, but what arrived was a single right side Red shifter. I could have returned it, but time passed, and my loss can be your gain. This should be on the north side of $300, but if you've crashed your shifter and need one, this one can be yours for $200 and I'll include shipping to the 48 states with this one. Includes cables and housing as pictured.

Momentary lapse of remembering that Dura Ace 7900 front derailleurs are not compatible with Dura Ace 7800 shifters. This Dura Ace 7900 front derailleur has a 34.9 clamp. These are usually about $125, but you can nab this one (without box) for $65.

There you go. Maybe you're piecing a project bike together and need that one last piece. Maybe you want a spare to have. Don't wait. Call or e-mail.

And with the exception of the SRAM Red lever, prices don't include shipping/postage.

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