Monday, November 21, 2011

Post Thanksgiving / pre-Christmas clearance...

Got to make room. Between the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, I'm going to be posting bikes and parts that are for sale and on sale. Sales prices on bikes are good for in-store purchase only. I just don't have any boxes big enough to pack a complete bike into at this time. And I'm going to start with bikes.

As of 11/25/11, the Surly below is sold. Thanks for the calls and e-mails.

First up is a Surly Long Haul Trucker. Size 56cm. Stock bike except for the wheels. I robbed the wheels off this bike for a cycle tourist a while back. He was touring down the coast and by the time he got to my shop, he had multiple broken spokes in back and his front had seen one too many pot-holes. I also robbed the rear derailleur from it for another emergency repair. The wheels are now a handbuilt set of Velocity Synergy rims, Deore hubs, and DT Champion 14g spokes. The rear derailleur is the Deore model. Original price is $1090. Sale price between Friday Nov. 25 and Saturday Dec. 24 is $600 plus sales tax of 8%. Git it while it's hot. This is the bike.

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