Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday special...

If all those other companies can do it, so can I. Here's the deal, or rather here are the deals. All involved purchasing a Black Mountain Cycles road or cross frame and all should be able to appeal to different needs you might have. Black Mountain Cycles "Cyber Monday" special runs through Sunday December 4. Let your friends know. Pass the word. Get down offa that fence.

Deal #1
Simple. Black Mountain Cycles road or cross frameset shipped to your door (in the lower 48 states) for $550. Or if you pick it up in store, $525. Deal #1 is valued at up to $635.

Deal #2
Black Mountain Cycles road or cross frameset, t-shirt, water bottle, and pint glass shipped to your door (in the lower 48) for $575 ($550 if you pick up in person). Deal #2's value is up to $668.

Deal #3
Black Mountain Cycles road or cross frame with Cane Creek 40 headset installed for $575 shipped to your door (in the lower 48) or $550 if you pick it up in person. Heck of a deal valued at up to $695 and the best deal, monetarily, out of the three.

Note, sales tax is applicable for any sale to a California address.

Okay, go! Operators are standing by. Here's some pictures of recent builds to get you all stirred up.

cross 009

62cm Road Ultegra

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday special #2 - Surly Cross Check...

Up next on the holiday sale special is a 58cm Surly Cross Check. One only and one size only. In store purchase only. Regular price $1150. Sales price $700. If you don't need a new bike, your buddy does. C'mon over and check it out and make yourself happy with a new bike. Here's a photo of the actual bike. Pedals not included.

As of 12/4/11, the Cross Check has found a new home.

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T-day ride...

Got out for a post-rain, pre-feast ride on the road bike. With fenders, it's no problem to head out for a ride without having to think about how the road/weather conditions will affect your ride. I'm not a big fan of going out to ride in the rain if I can help it, but it's just rained or if it's a bit crappy, heading out on a ride with a fendered bike is a no worry experience. No worries about the stripe of wet grime up your backside. No worries about wet feet. No worries about riding on roads through cattle ranches where the catle crossings are littered with a soupy, slick sheen of cow shit. Nothing worse that having that splash up on your water bottles.

And there are plenty of cattle crossings riding on any of the roads out in the Pt. Reyes National Seashore, which is where I headed for a little jaunt on Thanksgiving. The roads were plenty wet and I was going to head out to Kehoe Beach and back on the road. On the way out through Inverness, there were more cars that usual (holiday drivers). By the time I got to the turn off for Marshall Beach Rd., a fine dirt road for road bikes, I had enough traffic and decided on some sweet dirt. In the summer, this road is pretty dusty and has some pretty good sections of washboard. Not today. It was a little slick and super smooth.

Marshall Beach Rd
Marshall Beach Rd. (also known as "L" Ranch Road.

Marshall Beach Rd
The road surface was pretty solid, but there were a few spots where it was a bit soupy and the bike had some pretty nifty two-wheel drifts.

Marshall Beach Rd
North into the headwind.

Marshall Beach Rd. looking across Tomales Bay towards Marshall.

Double track
Inverness Ridge off in the distance.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Post Thanksgiving / pre-Christmas clearance...

Got to make room. Between the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, I'm going to be posting bikes and parts that are for sale and on sale. Sales prices on bikes are good for in-store purchase only. I just don't have any boxes big enough to pack a complete bike into at this time. And I'm going to start with bikes.

As of 11/25/11, the Surly below is sold. Thanks for the calls and e-mails.

First up is a Surly Long Haul Trucker. Size 56cm. Stock bike except for the wheels. I robbed the wheels off this bike for a cycle tourist a while back. He was touring down the coast and by the time he got to my shop, he had multiple broken spokes in back and his front had seen one too many pot-holes. I also robbed the rear derailleur from it for another emergency repair. The wheels are now a handbuilt set of Velocity Synergy rims, Deore hubs, and DT Champion 14g spokes. The rear derailleur is the Deore model. Original price is $1090. Sale price between Friday Nov. 25 and Saturday Dec. 24 is $600 plus sales tax of 8%. Git it while it's hot. This is the bike.

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