Thursday, October 27, 2011

Titanium Thursday Pt. 1...

It's been pretty intense recently. Lots of builds. Lots of repairs. Lots of titanium. I'll parse out the sweet ti goodness in doses. The first dose is a nice little Steve Potts number that was in to get the fork repainted, new Moots stem and seat post, and new Potts ti bars.

moo-otts 001
Rick at D&D Paint suggested the exact color for the lower half of the Type II fork and really nailed exactly what the owner was looking for.

moo-otts 002
The brake pad with the rusted nut was replaced

moo-otts 003

moo-otts 005

moo-otts 006

(What's playing: Tom Waits Heigh Ho)


Ben said...

That is a pretty one.

RoadieRyan said...

Wow love that fork, understated but absolutely gorgeous