Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More dirt road rides...

Following Cam's advice on this post, I saddled up last Sunday and rode south on Highway 1 and found Coast View Trail several miles south of Stinson Beach and just south of Slide Ranch. It was definitely more technical than Stagecoach Fire Road. More technical since it was a single-track climb for a bit over 3 miles. Totally doable on a road bike with 28c tires, though. Really nice morning too.

Riding south on Highway 1, there was considerable fog leaving Pt. Reyes Station which gave way to sun, which gave in to fog down towards Bolinas. The sun broke out again south of Stinson and just near the Coast View Trail, fog took over again and clung to the slopes until I got up near the Pantoll ranger station. Then it was sun all the way to the top of Tam.

I'd forgotten it was a holiday weekend. Lots of folks on foot hiking between Pantoll and the West Point Inn where it was packed for a pancake breakfast. Intent on climbing, I gave up pancakes for Clif Bloks to help me up the dirt.

Pretty dang fun ride with a virtually all dirt climb from Highway 1 up to Mt. Tam's east peak. I figured I'd been out for quite a while (no watch and no cycle computer so no way to know what time it was), so I scooted back down Ridgecrest to Bo-Fax and back up Highway 1 arriving back at the shop at 5 minutes before I was supposed to open at noon. Good fun ride.

2011-10-09 002 bw
Bolinas Lagoon

2011-10-09 005
Just south of Stinson Beach

2011-10-09 009
Looking down on Highway 1 from Coast View Trail

2011-10-09 007 bw
Start of Coast View Trail - soon to give way to single-track

2011-10-09 011
Coast View Trail

2011-10-09 017
Coast View Trail

2011-10-09 014 bw
One burned, charred log.

2011-10-09 018 bw
Trail ducked into the trees and became more challenging with some wet, slippery rocks.

2011-10-09 022
Breaking out of the fog, the view to Mt. Tam was gorgeous.

2011-10-09 020
See, gorgeous...

2011-10-09 023

A little video on Coast View Trail

(What's playing: KWMR Faultline Radio)


Bill G said...

Great post Mike - awesome pictures and views - need to ride out there someday!!!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

nice photos and lovely trails!

Trailer Park Cyclist said...

Hey Mike I seem to have opened a snake nest and maybe you can help. I wrote one of my art pieces for Fat Cyclist and his readers found out about the barbecue sauce and now I have them lined up from here to Australia wanting "free" sauce but it costs me money to ship it. So what I wonder is can I just ship out a dozen bottles to you and you hand it out? JP is due for some and Lloyd and whoever's good stuff and I'll pay the shipping. This ain't a commercial, just trying to fix the world with something tasty. TJ

blackmountaincycles said...

TPC - Sure. If local folks who are due some sauce want to pick it up here, you can send it out.