Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How many times...

How many times have you ridden past something and taken it for granted? Ridden past something and thought "I should stop sometime and check that out?" Anyone who has ridden past the town center of Inverness on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. has seen the old boat that's been stranded high and dry on the beach behind the Inverness Store. I've always thought I should stop and check it out a little closer sometime.

Well, that sometime happened about a week ago as I was riding through Inverness to get to the dirt road climb up to the Inverness Ridge. The sun had just risen and the light was almost perfect. As I came into Inverness, I glanced over, saw the boat bathed in the first light and knew today was the day to check it out. And as chance would have it, I had my trusty little camera in my pocket.

2011-10-13 017

2011-10-13 006

2011-10-13 007

2011-10-13 008

2011-10-13 003

2011-10-13 013a

2011-10-13 009
The sun rises right over Black Mountain

2011-10-13 018
Fishing boat on Tomales Bay

Then it was time to get back on the bike and start climbing up to the ridge.

2011-10-13 027
Excellent trail conditions

2011-10-13 028
Looking across to the bay through the trees

2011-10-13 030
Sometimes, you have to look up

2011-10-13 034
The trail up top

2011-10-13 038
Looking down to Drake's Bay from the ridge

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Table for Two said...

I love your pics. Looks like it was a worthwhile stop.

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos!