Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homegrown community radio...

Alright, here's the deal. I love this local radio station, KWMR, we have and am honored that I host a couple of shows on it and get to sub for some fantastic folks and their great shows. This is the kind of station that everyone dreams about and it's in my own backyard. Tonight on Bakersfield & Beyond (6:30-8:30), we have Smelley Kelley from Red Meat on. We have a show goal of $1000. A $40 pledge gets you a KWMR pint glass. Pledge $40 during our show tonight and I'll also throw in a Black Mountain Cycles pint glass also. Any amount is welcome. Call 415-663-8273 or contribute online via paypal at

And if you are a fan of X or The Knitters, John Doe was in the studio last night and played an acoustic set. You can listen to the show here for two weeks. It was really great getting to meet him after enjoying his music for so many years. The ability to archive past shows and offer them up for listening was part of the previous pledge drive's goal that was achieved.


(What's playing: Billy Bragg St. Monday)


Wally said...

I'm always looking for new music and new places to listen to it. Being I'm outside of Chicago, I did a quick search and found it on the internet so I can stream it through any system and have a listen. Thanks for the tip.

blackmountaincycles said...

Thanks for checking it out. The evening music shows from 6:30 and up are really fantastic. Funk, blues, Americana, bluegrass, oldies, country and western, and good old rock & roll.