Tuesday, August 23, 2011

King wheelset...

Just got done building a new wheelset. Thought I'd offer a special deal to readers of the blog or Facebook. As the wheelset sits, it's an $800 wheelset. I'm offering it for $750 shipped to the lower 48 to anyone who says they saw it here or on Facebook. And as special incentive, if you are a reader of the blog and can answer the following question, you'll save an additional $50. That's right, $700 shipped to the lower 48 by answering correctly: What size are the photographs that the blind judge can't see in Alice's Restaurant?

Wheel specs: King classic wheelset with Velocity A23 rims, 32h, 130 spacing, DT Competition 2.0/1.8 spokes w/ alloy DT nipples - $750 shipped to the lower 48.

king 001

king 002

king 003

king 004

king 005

(What's playing: Buddy Guy Red House)

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builder said...

The pics were 8x10 and there were 27 of them. The sons you're referring to is "alice's resturaunt" by arlo Guthrie. Correct?