Thursday, August 25, 2011

Genuine Trek Replacement Parts...

That's right. Black Mountain Cycles frames are genuine Trek replacement parts. For evidence I present the Trek Pilot something or other. What it is is a silver aluminum frame with carbon seatstay and a replaceable derailleur hanger. What this Trek didn't have is a strong enough dropout that was attached to the chainstay and seat stay. Seems when push came to shove and the derailleur was wrapping itself around the cassette and spokes, that the derailleur and the replaceable derailleur hanger ripped the part of the frame that the replaceable derailleur hanger is supposed to protect right off.

You see, a replaceable derailleur hanger is supposed to break in case of unfortunate incident, thereby saving both the derailleur and the frame. Not in this case. Both the derailleur and the hanger are unscathed. The frame, on the other hand...

This is where a Black Mountain Cycles road frame becomes the replacement for the Trek frame. I swapped the parts from the Trek to a 59cm champagne road frame. Virtually all of the parts transferred very nicely. The customer picked up his bike, went on a little test ride and came back saying "wow, that's a great, smooth riding bike. I LIKE IT!" Cool.

You can get that feeling too with your own road or cross frame. Everyone digs how they ride, even the guy with two Seven road bikes. That's got to say something. Don't be left out.

There's not much material on that dropout around the hole for the bolt to secure the replaceable hanger.

This is the part that's supposed to break (in theory).

I have to give a nod to an old co-worker who came up with an ad for Haro Bikes that never ran. It featured a photo of a Haro bike with the headline "GENUINE GT REPLACEMENT PARTS." Always thought that was clever.

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Bill G said...

I would take 2 BMC's over any Trek any day of the week!

Great posts this week Mike - and you almost had me on the wheelset but I held back!

Have a great week!

The Shed Master said...

I'd take 1 Black Mountain Cycle over any 2 Treks any day of the week!