Friday, August 26, 2011

Fat Friday...

Got some new fat tires in the shop. Not fat like these fat tires, but fat for their intended installation application. What I got was a shipment of Kenda Happy Medium 700 x 40 tires that had been on my watch list with a distributor for a long, long, long time. They finally arrived and I snapped up several sets. They look pretty good for hard pack riding. The 40mm size will fit nicely in my cross frames. They're decent light at about 480g. Promising. I do hate to pull off perfectly good tires just to run a new set, but back tire is getting a bit worn down.

Actual measurements on a Velocity A23 rim are 40mm knob-to-knob and 38mm wide casing.

Happy Medium 700 x 40

Good clearance on my cross frames.
Happy Clearance

Minimal tread should roll well. Should also wear fairly well since the knobs are pyramid shaped so they shouldn't get torn off and should wear just like any other low-tread tire; better than you usually think.
Happy Medium 700 x 40

Also got in some 700 x 28 Clement Strada LLG 120tpi tires. They too look very promising. Remember Clement? I do. I had a bike that had Clement del Mundo Seta tires. Those tires were pretty fat too and boy did they ride nicely. If I say "they make that sound" when they roll, you know what I mean. The del Mundos make that sound and so do these new Strada tires. It's a very cool sound. You owe it to yourself to experience the sound. The actual width measurement on a Velocity A23 rim is about 27mm.

Clement Strada

Old school file tread.
Clement Strada

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james said...

Hey Mike, how would you compare the Clements to the conti 28's you like to ride?

blackmountaincycles said...

The Clement's have a little bit more supple ride because they don't have the protective layer in them. I think the Conti 4-Season will also wear a little longer. Haven't tried the Clement's in the wet, but the Conti work great in wet conditions.

Ben said...

That Happy Medium tire looks great! (Not to knock the Clements.)

I'll have to look into those. They would be a nice option for around here. Would fit my bike too...

Thanks as always.