Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's in the stand...

Custom touring bike. That's what's in the stand. This one is a custom touring/rando frame from Palermo Cycles in Baltimore, MD. The owner started this a while back and in the mean time moved from the DC area to Marin, got married, had a kid, sent the kid to college - kidding about the last one, but up to then I was serious. Just had a kid this weekeend - congratulations Nathan and Meghan!

It built up very nice. Only one hiccup with the length of the front rack mount, but that was easily solved. The only thing I would change would be to use standard butyl tubes. The latex tubes air down too fast and for a long distance rider, you would need to pay closer attention to them to maintain proper air pressure. On to photos...


Bike's built, on to the fender install.
img 158

img 159

The seatstay bridge is pretty neat and mimics the double plate look of the fork crown.
img 160

Racks next with a Nitto M18 that will be swapped for a Nitto Campee for touring.
Palermo 002

Palermo 003

There's too much threaded rod from the M18 rack behind the fork so in its final form, there will be a spacer at the front to make this flush. The spacer will also tip the rack forward which will also make it level. Racks have to be level.
Palermo 004

Nice dropouts and dropout detail.
Palermo 008

Palermo 009

Palermo 010

Mud flap on front fender.
Palermo 011

palermo 016

palermo 017

palermo 021

palermo 022

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MG said...

Beautiful bike... Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Turned out really nice. I saw the bike in the stand when I stopped into the shop to pick up a shirt and a few things. Reminded me of one of those Orange Cream popsicles.

Ben said...

Oh my.

Frank said...

Beautiful build. Wish I could work on these (other than my own that is). Love the painted to match fenders. Thanks alot for your informative post.

Guitar Ted said...

That is a sweet looking bicycle. Thanks for sharing it with us.

it's a secret said...

what a beauty!

And I agree on the water bottle thoughts.

Tim Joe said...

I wonder what kind of bicycle Amy Goodman rides.

Anonymous said...

Awesome ride! What I do with the Nitto front racks is add one of those valve stem ferrules between rack and crown. They seem to be the perfect thickness. Look nice too. Then I trim the rod down and fit an acorn nut on the end or, if the brake hole is recessed trim it even more and use a recessed nut.

TacoTruck said...

Sweet Ride. What kind of rims are those? MA-40's or something newer?

blackmountaincycles said...

Rims are very much like a modern MA40, but slightly wider. They are H Plus Son rims, model TB14. Very nice rim and build up nicely.