Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's in the stand, Thursday edition...

Another day, another sweet bike in the stand. This time it's a Pegoretti 'Day Is Done.' This particular one was exhibited at the 2011 NAHBS show in Austin. I really like the orange tones on the gray paint. It also looks and feels like it's going to be a great rider. This particular frame came to me to be built with Campagnolo Record 11 after being purchased from another great Marin shop, Above Category.


pegoretti 002

pegoretti 003

pegoretti 004

pegoretti 005

pegoretti 006

pegoretti 008

pegoretti 009

pegoretti 010

pegoretti 011

pegoretti 012

pegoretti 013


(What's playing: Luther Wright & The Wrongs The Happiest Day Of Our Lives)


MG said...

Holy cow... Dario Pergoretti=dope frames. The detailing on that thing is, in a word, amazing.

Guitar Ted said...

One of the true "artists" that happens to be building frames. many claim "artistry", few achieve that lofty description. Dario has it. In spades.

While some of the stuff he does may be fluff, there's no denying his style, flair for the whimsical, and the strength of the reactions he provokes with each frame.