Friday, July 29, 2011

Joe's ride...

Remember Joe? Well, Joe turns 76 this year and to celebrate, he is pedalling 760 km up and down the east side of Vancouver Island in B.C. Every year, for the past several, Joe has undertaken a lengthy tour to benefit local West Marin non-profit organizations. This year, the beneficiaries are The Dance Palace and KWMR, two great local, community organizations.

Joe started his ride a couple of days ago and is updating a blog with tales from the road. Check out Joe's Vancouver Ride and follow Joe and his wife Mo, who's driving the sag wagon. And then go to either KWMR or The Dance Palace and make your donation. Both organizations will split all donations 50/50.

Here's Joe and Mo before they headed out of town.

(What's playing: Talking Heads Television Man)


Tim Joe said...

I really like Joe's Bike. I wonder how he feels about the components after six months?

blackmountaincycles said...

He's still digging them. It's all about the super low gears for him.