Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is one BIG bike...

So many 29" wheeled bikes look a bit awkward because trying to fit big wheels in smaller frames give the bike an unbalanced look. The wheel size overpowers the frame size and trying to keep the bars low enough is challenging. Well, this bike had no problems with that. It's a huge frame that perfectly fits its 6'6" rider. The frame size is so big and with the large wheels, well, it just looks like a perfectly proportioned bike. The build is simple: XT 9-speed group, Fox fork w/ 15mm thru axle, White Industries hubs, Salsa Semi rims, WTB ExiWolf tires, WTB Pure V seat, Cane Creek Thudbuster LT post, Thomson stem and Ritchey bars. Simple and built to last a long damn time. The head tube is so tall that with two 10mm spacers and the Thomson stem, I only had to cut 5mm off the fork steerer tube.

SP29 001

SP29 002

SP29 003

This is the first frame Steve built with 1" diameter chainstays (7/8" is the norm). You can see how the stay is formed at the end to fit up to the dropout.
SP29 004

SP29 005

SP29 006

SP29 007

SP29 008

SP29 009

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Anonymous said...

huh. I remember 1" top tubes. :)

nice bike. Good to see big guys get more proportionate bikes. Now they need higher BB's and longer cranks. Why only enlarge some of it?

Oh and some thicker spokes... yeah, to keep the weight in proportion, too. :)

Heathen said...

I'm happy to see you know how to properly position mtb brake levers. Attention to detail - lacking in most shops.