Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some recent builds and info...

The owner of the cross bike I built several weeks ago has been by several times. Each time he tells me how much fun he's having riding the bike and how great it rides. Really nice to hear stuff like that. A few more have gone out since then. And I'm trying to get a few more sizes built to have on display and to test ride at the shop. That's going slow since I've got to work around the other regular repairs which are pretty steady.

Here's a couple of recent builds for your viewing pleasure.

This road bike went to Jeff in Fairfax. Pretty soon he'll be pedaling all the way around Nicasio Reservoir and back to Fairfax.
BMC 011

This cross bike is going to be used by Katie for commuting in San Francisco.
img 107

This 59cm road bike is built with slightly modified Road Kit #2 and is available for sale for $2325.
BMC 012

BMC 013

BMC 014

I'm really stoked on the finish of the bike and the look of the decals under the clear coat.
BMC 015

BMC 027

BMC 017

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