Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink is the new pink...

Or whatever that phrase is supposed to mean. Black is the new black. It does seem that anti-freeze green is the new black this year. Whatever. It's still ugly. What's not ever ugly is a pink bike. Started in 1985 by Specialized with their Stumpjumper Team model, pink has always been a bike color that demands of its rider one thing: to ride the legs off any one who dares to sit on your wheel. And do it silently with just your legs doing the talking. I've never been able to manage that fitness so I've never had a pink bike.

This iconic pink bike made its way through the shop recently. It's been raced all over the world at many Single-Speed World Championships. In fact, here's a photo I took of it being raced at the Napa edition of the race and some shop shots.

JP at SSWC 08 Napa

img 090

img 091

The RM-3 (aka the Ibis) bar.
img 092

Lookit all that clearance around those chainstay mounted roller-cams with a full 2.1 tire. The brakes follow the contour of the chainstay.
img 093

img 094

img 095

img 101

Now that's a straight chainline.
img 098

Mom always put my name on my clothes, but not my bike parts.
img 100

(What's playing: The Beatles I've Got A Feeling)


Tim Joe said...

I guess in a way, that is THE Pink Bicycle.

MG said...

Very nice... Thanks for sharing those fine details of her ride. It's pretty rad in its simplicity. Love the old 94bcd Suntour crank... I still run that bolt circle on my Ti Fargo with a 30/44 double. I wish more crank manufacturers would consider it again for its practicality, but I suspect they've moved on... I could be wrong.


dan said...

pink bikes are only for those tuff enuf