Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black and white is the new pink...

Put together two really nice mountain bikes this past week. Black and white. One old. One new. Both California. One SoCal. One NorCal. Both named after an animal. One sea living. One land living.

The Yeti is a mid/late 80s F.R.O. I've never really got into Yeti during their early years when the Mountain Bike Action crowd fawned over them. They were heavy, they used a BMX headset, and the editors of MBA loved them while they panned the bikes that I loved from the NorCal builders whose bikes I rode. And today when people "restore" these old Yetis, they use way too many anodized parts. This Yeti, however, turned out really nice. Very understated in its parts choice and color.

yeti 001

yeti 002

yeti 003

yeti 004

yeti 006

yeti 007

yeti 008

yeti 009

The Rock Lobster from Santa Cruz's Paul Sadoff is a very clean, understated, 29" wheel single-speed built with the best parts from Northern California: Phil Wood, Paul Components, White Industries.

img 092

RL Bits

RL 002

RL 003

RL 005

RL 007

RL 008

RL 009

RL 010

RL 011

RL 012

(What's playing: Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss Spiritual)

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G said...

Unbelievable how nice the Yeti turned out. The Cooks stem really finished it off nicely.