Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's like church, but better...

Bikes, building bikes, and specifically riding bikes soothe my soul and give me time to think, ponder, and enjoy being outside. Here's one that was a joy to build and during my test ride on it, discovered that it is an incredible riding bike - so smooth and comfortable (even if it's several sizes too small for me). The new owner conveyed the same saying that he felt right at home on it immediately and there was no period of time to get used to it. Hop on, ride, forget about anything except the ride.

This particular bike is a Steve Potts titanium all-rounder, do-it-all, expedition, adventure (you get the idea) bike. The frame was built with clearance for fat 29" tires. The owner will ride it with either a touring type tire because of the condition of his country's roads or a 29" Nanoraptor. I really like the ride quality of THE tire on both dirt and road. I keep trying to put together a drop bar bike built around Nanos, but keep getting off track. Soon it will happen.

Parts ready.
spgal 001

spgal 002

spgal 003

spgal 006

It's not so easy to build a bike for a customer who lives in a different country and across part of an ocean. However, the power of the digital age is very convenient when I can send a photo of his bike with his seat height and handlebar position so he can see the relative seat/bar position and we can determine how much to trim the steerer tube.
spgal 008

S&S coupled bike for easy travel.
spgal 010

spgal 011

spgal 012

spgal 014

spgal 015

spgal 016

spgal 019

With the Nanoraptors.
spgal 020

spgal 021

And now it's time for me to get out on my bike this morning. Whatever you do on your Sundays, enjoy.

(What's playing: The Mavericks Hot Burrito #1)


Ari said...

All I can say is Wow!

Guitar Ted said...

That's a dream bike for me, right there. Beautiful!

Kevin said...

Gorgeous bike! It must ride like butter.

Anonymous said...

Lovely bike - What did the bottom bracket height end up at?
Must be a bit of a compromise between the two surfaces

blackmountaincycles said...

Bottom bracket height? Not sure, but I'm sure it's sufficient for either tire size. More cross than mountain. More cross than road.

Sevo said...

What rise stem is that?

Beautiful bike BTW. If you'd like you can send it to Colorado Mike and I'd sacrifice 3 days of my time to QT it :)

All it needs is an old Zefal HP pump along the underside of the top tube.

blackmountaincycles said...

It's already residing in a different country across a body of water. Sorry... It's a Thomson X4 10 degree stem.

Anonymous said...

Just can't keep my eyes of that build. How much would a build like that come in at? I am sorely tempted to break open the piggy bank and blow the new car fund on a build like that! Steve Potts frames aren't cheap but I've not seen a better weld.

blackmountaincycles said...

I can't speak to the price of the frame and fork (contact Steve for that), but the build is in the $3k range.