Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't wait, get your frame now...

Finally got the last frame sizes weighed and noted. Frame weight is a somewhat minor factor in my list of parameters for a bike. The most important factor is ride quality and I do have to say my frames ride really damn good. Anyway, here's the frame weights weighed with water bottle bolts and seat collars as recorded by my Park digital scale.

Road frames
50cm: 3lb. 13oz.
53cm: 3lb. 15oz.
56cm: 4lb. 1oz.
59cm: 4lb. 4oz.
62cm: 4lb. 6oz.
Fork with uncut 300mm steerer tube: 2lb. 2oz.

Cross frames
50cm: 4lb. 6oz.
53cm: 4lb. 8oz.
56cm: 4lb. 10oz.
59cm: 4lb. 12oz.
62cm: 4lb. 14oz.
Fork with uncut 300mm steerer tube: 2lb. 5oz.

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