Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A couple of new bikes...

I built up a new cross bike for an Portlander yesterday with Nitto Moustache bars, but forgot to take pictures of the finished bike. Trust me, it looked pretty cool and after his first test ride said it rode "f'in awesome!"

I did manage to get some pictures of what I call a neo-retro road bike build I did for Bill in New York who is planning on racing this in the retro class at the Furnace Creek 508. It was pretty coincidental that Bill called up to commission this build as I was pondering a similar build kit that I'll offer. I like the look of the bike with the down tube shifters. I think I may have to build myself a simple, stripped down road bike like this.

NR 001

NR 002

NR 003

NR 004

NR 005

NR 006

NR 007

NR 011

NR 009

The other bike that got built up was Ari's bike that he'll use for some endurance races in the mid-west this year. Ari works at a bike shop and did the build himself. I'm liking the white with the orange. The white bar tape with the orange frame remind me of some of Eddy Merckx's old rides.

Also got a really neat set of wheels built for Bill's Salsa Mukluk. The blue NoTubes Flow rims come from

pic 015

pic 016

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Gary J. Boulanger said...


As always, a pleasure to see the BMC bikes built up they way you intended them to be. Lovely stuff!

Guitar Ted said...

That is a stunning road bike build. Very cool to see that.

I will be getting to see Ari's build up close and personal soon. can't wait to see it in person!

Thanks for the link to the Project 123 site. I am a sucker for anodized parts!

Guitar Ted said...

Oh, by the way, it is Project321. :>)

blackmountaincycles said... - corrected. The re-anodizing job was very good and the folks there were super nice.

Anonymous said...

are you planning to do another run of the orange CX frames? I was undecided just a hair too long and missed the 62s....


TJC said...

Neo-retro. If it works, don't fix it. The champagne color somehow fits just right with the Campy. THAT is a bicycle!

blackmountaincycles said...

Dan - no immediate plans to do another run. I need to move through the current road and cross frames before I do another run. The brown frame is pretty darn nice. Just saying...