Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's in the stand...

Special treat, Jacquie Phelan's Columboham came in for some much needed care. In the care of Jacquie's beloved Cunningham, I do not mind playing second fiddle to Charlie when he's got too much on his plate with other projects.

Columboham? A mix of "Columbus" and "Cunningham." The frame was made from Columbus tubing at a time when Jacquie was sponsored by Columbus and a suspension fork company. The frame was designed around a suspension fork. The parts are pretty much standard fare. I didn't have to get into the bottom bracket as it is grease guarded and, according to Charlie, has some unique things going on inside. What it really needed, though, was a cleaning, fresh cables, and new bar tape. It also needed a new fork because the previous one was roached. The stanchion tubes were deeply scored and, well, it just didn't function.

Here's some before and after photos.

colomboham 001

You might say the bar tape is a little worn out.
colomboham 002

colomboham 007

Those pulley wheels were also replaced. They were just "slightly" worn out.
colomboham 008

The dent in the top tube isn't from the bar-end shifter. I heard it was a random act against the bike.
colomboham 009

Charlie modified the cable hanger from an old WTB brake bridge/cable hanger made for old Judy forks and installed it on the fork arch.
colomboham 010

Drilled out Unicanitor saddle
colomboham 011

The RM-3 bar is the designation given to the Ibis drop bar. Made by Nitto, it also has a Specialized sticker. How convoluted is that? Ibis designed, Specialized probably arranged production at Nitto.
colomboham 012

colomboham 013

The aluminum shield does a great job to keep the brake working perfectly during adverse conditions.
colomboham 014

One of the few 'hams that doesn't have bearings pressed directly into the frame.
colomboham 015

Brake cable routing. No mistaking which side is "down" on the cam.
colomboham 017

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Tom said...

When JP is finished with that bike it should go straight to the Hall Of Fame.

Course JP won't be finished with for a long time....

rigtenzin said...

It's fun to see this bike. Is the fork 1"? I suppose that limited your selection of replacement forks.

blackmountaincycles said...

Yes, the fork is 1 inch. Luckily she had a replacement stashed away.

Greg said...

I doesn't get much better than that. I wish Charlie was still churning these out!

Anonymous said...

"random act against the bike". Classic JP! :)

Such a neat bike.

Charlie Didrickson said...