Thursday, February 10, 2011

They're here...

A little late posting this info here. Hey, I've been busy! Big thanks to my friend Gloria, who drove up from San Francisco to help put the frames away - and get the shift cables on here neat old fillet-brazed Ritchey Timbercomp replaced. And thanks to Geoff for the burritos and beer.

I was informed by the trucking company that the driver would be at the shop at 9:00 a.m., but decided to get to the shop at 8:30 just in case. Good thing, because the driver was there waiting when I got there. By 10:30, all frames were stacked in the shop and by the end of the day the frames being shipped had labels fixed and were ready for pick-up. Now if I can only get FedEx to actually pick up the frames...they missed their scheduled pick-up yesterday. Sorry to the guys waiting for frames. Pretty sure they'll be picked up today.

Also did an inspection on some frames and they're good to go. I'll be building five of them within the next few days and will post pics of the first builds. You guys who are building up your own, please send photos of Black Mountain Cycles frames in the wild.

It can't all be wine and roses, however. There was a small item missing from the cross frames. Seems the horizontal dropout adjuster screws were missing. I've got some on order and will get them included with each frame. Minor, slightly annoying issue, but easily resolved.

Again, big thanks to everyone who ordered a frame from me! Pretty excited to see them built up and ridden.

Frame arrival
Frame arrival

Loading them in
Loading in

Loaoded in. Road frames on the right half, cross frames on the left half.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, if you're really tight on space I'll take the bare aluminum bike hanging on the wall and the other one missing a fork. Always glad to help.

Guitar Ted said...

Thanks for making these available, Mike. I'll definitely be sending you pics of mine in the wilds of Iowa!

But I have to ask you to stop posting pics of glorious sunshine, green plants, and I assume, warm weather. I can't wrap my mind around that right now without being extremeley jealous!

signed: Negative 14 below in Iowa

blackmountaincycles said...

The sunshine and green are an anomaly. It has been down to the low 30s overnight though, if that helps. Strange weather all around.

Ari said...

Went out on the Pugsley today and rode some snowmobile tracks. Winds heavy out of the west at 25mph with a 6 degree temp. I enjoyed taking some deep breaths in and feeling that really fresh air. Excited to see some builds of the Monstercross and Road.
Thanks for all the hard work Mike!

Sycamore, IL.

Adam said...

Do you know the weight of the frame with and without fork?

blackmountaincycles said...

Adam, road or cross? A 56 cross frame is 4lbs. 7oz. As I pull more out and remember to weigh frames, I'll post that info.

Gloria said...

Sorry I wasn't there earlier, Mike! I had a great time and can't wait to see more bikes built.

I'll be up for another visit soon. Point Reyes Station is one heck of a cute little town.

blackmountaincycles said...

Your timing was perfect. I've got another built - a certain 53 cross bike.