Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ride photos...

All this talk and waiting for frames has left me not riding as much the past week or so. And we've been having some spectacular weather! (To my snow bound brethren, do not read the next couple of sentences.) And the spectacular weather isn't finished with the area yet. It's supposed to hit 70 here by the weekend!

I did hit the road this last Sunday, though. It had rained most of the night, but about 8, bright sunlight was streaming through the window. Opportunity knocks (or shines in this instance), and I took it. I was fooled, though. It was bright sunshine, but when I stepped out the door, it was also raining. I had the right gear on and thought, how long could this last? Not long. And hit the road out to Abbotts Lagoon.

On the way up through Inverness, I noticed the water level in the wetlands was pretty darn high. There's not usually this much water showing from this vantage.
Giacomini Wetlands

And this is a shot overlooking Chicken Ranch Beach - which is underwater.
Chicken Ranch Beach

Another Chicken Ranch Beach shot. Neat little beach at the north end of Inverness submerged.
Chicken Ranch Beach

Looking back towards Black Mountain across Tomales Bay. Unstable clouds. On the way back through Inverness, it rained on me pretty steadily.
Tomales Bay

At some point, it hailed. There were several patches of hail on the side of the road on the climb up to Inverness Ridge.
Hail, hail

The hills have turned from brown to emerald green.
Emerald green

Abbotts Lagoon - you can usually walk across the sand where it's now covered with water along a wide section skirting the edge.
Abbotts Lagoon

There were some mighty big sounding waves out there.
Abbotts Lagoon and big waves

The end of a one mile dirt path at Abbotts Lagoon.
Abbotts Lagoon trail

When I was ready to head back, this flock of white birds flew across the skyline. Thought the contrast looked pretty neat.
Birds over Abbotts

(What's playing: KWMR Faultline Radio and Lulu's To Sir With Love)

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