Saturday, February 26, 2011

Joe's road bike...

Seems the cross bike has been the big hit. However, it's the road bike that is probably my personal favorite. I'm a roadie at heart. Can't help it. The simplicity of the road bike and the ability to leave my door, hit the road, and cover miles and miles of open road through the hills of Marin and Sonoma Counties is just too big of a thrill.

Today's featured bike is Joe's road bike. Joe's over 70 years young and puts in a lot of time in the saddle. I barely recognize him in civilian clothes. Put him on his bike with his high-vis jacket and I can spot him from miles away. He wasn't too picky in the choice of parts for his bike with the exception of black parts and low gears. What I came up with was this 53cm beauty.

Joe's bike 2

Joe's bike 4

Joe's bike 5

Those are Conti 4-Season 28's and SKS P35 fenders - plenty of clearance.
Joe's bike 6

Joe's bike 7

Joe's bike 8

Joe's bike 9

(What's playing: ABBA Knowing Me, Knowing You)


Tim Joe Comstock said...

Very tasty, Mike. It is refreshing to see a custom build that doesn't have to go over the top to create a workmanlike Gentleman's Bike.

blackmountaincycles said...

Best of all is having him come in and says it's a "fantastic ride."