Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frame update...

Thought folks might want a frame update. These things don't usually take this long as it had been my experience that once stuff arrives in port from a long overseas voyage, it's usually a couple of days to get through customs and on a truck to the final destination. Usually. Seems customs took a special interest in my frames and did a more thorough inspection. The frames are cleared now and will soon be making the final 45 mile trek from Oakland to Point Reyes Station. The broker tells me the soonest they will be here will be Monday Feb. 7. To all those who have ordered frames, thank you! And thanks for your patience.

I thought I'd take this time to post some pictures James took of his Black Mountain Cycles road bike. James bought the first production frame and has been putting in the miles in San Diego and up in Mammoth. Here's some cool words James put down in an e-mail to me recently.

"The bike rides great! If you recall, I was borrowing a carbon Trek 5.2. The BMC bike fits better, handles better and is all around more enjoyable to ride. The only area it looses is in the weight and that is only a small amount. In all honesty, I can't feel the weight difference once I'm riding down the road. I'm up (in Mammoth) at least once a month...the bike comes with me and I have to say the it does outstanding in the mountains, both on road and off road. I throw some cross tires on pumped to around 50psi and ride the forest service road throughout the Owens valley."

I'm totally fine that the frames loses on the scale compared to a carbon frame because I know the frame will more than make up for that in ride quality. Here's some pictures James took on some of his rides. Thanks, James!

James' road bike in the dirt

James' road bike overlooking San Diego

James' road bike in Mammoth

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