Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First cross build...

This is Kat's new bike. I pulled the parts off here previous bike and installed them on a 53cm orange cross frame. It's always nice when the parts transfer so nicely. It was doubly nice to see that the Dura Ace road triple crank fits perfetly with a perfect 45mm chainline. It's the double road 53/39 with 43mm chainlines that are not compatible. It's all about the chainline. Modern external bearing cranksets can't be modified for a wider chainline like old 3-piece cranks can. However, this Dura Ace triple worked perfect with the stock bottom bracket. Sweet!

katcross 001

Those were the last of the great looking Dura Ace cranks.
katcross 002

Just enough clearance.
katcross 003

And the first generation XTR canti brakes are among the nicest brakes.
katcross 004

This Dura Ace rear derailleur for triple crankset is also a favorite of mine.
katcross 005

Five more builds to go this week.
katcross 006

(What's playing: Electric Light Orchestra Strange Magic)


Gloria said...

ha! Kat needs a new bottle cage and saddle. Yikes!

Kat said...

WOW!! Thanks for building the beautiful bike Mike! I am hopping around my office with happiness!! I am so glad the parts fit OK. I can't wait to take it out for a spin!! See you soon, and good luck with all the other builds. Thanks again!

David O'Sullivan said...

Looks Great!
I Love my DA 7700 series groupset - really beautiful and practically as light as the modern stuff. Good to see its still being used