Thursday, February 17, 2011


Or mudguards. I made my road frame so that it could accept direct mounted fenders and think it looks really nicely finished with a set of aluminum fenders. So does the owner of the first build, Ten. The fenders will likely be called into action soon since it's raining pretty good out there and is supposed to be wet through the weekend.

The silver, hammered fenders look great.
tenfender 001

tenfender 002

tenfender 003

tenfender 004

tenfender 005

This also gives a nice look at the champagne paint color.
tenfender 007

(What's playing: Etta James Take It To The Limit)


Doug Idaho said...

that does look nice. What brand fenders are those?

rob said...

Looks Great.

What size Honjo fenders did you get to play well with the Shimano brakes?

blackmountaincycles said...

Yep, Honjo fenders. They are 35mm wide and work well with the long reach Shimano's

Ren said...


I see you use both supplied mounting studs to attach each fender to the support. I installed mine that way (after powder coating everything black) but now I wonder if using a single stud in the center might have been beter. It certainly looks cleaner with just a single mount.

blackmountaincycles said...

Using two eye bolts eliminates the possibility of the fender stay from rotating around the single bolt which would gradually loosen the nut. Makes a much more solid structure.