Monday, February 7, 2011

Build kits and delivery update...

I created three different build kits for the cross frame and posted them on this here blog (link here). I think each one represents a different personality for a bike build. I'll get three kits done up for the road frames soon and get them their own page on the blog as well.

Update on frame deliver: because we are a bit far out in the boonies (amazing considering we are 30 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge), the trucking company won't be able to deliver today, but will be here at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow! Thanks for everyone's patience. I'll do my best to get the frames on order shipped tomorrow, but being that I'm still a one-man retail bike shop, it'll probably be Wednesday when they go out.

Update on frame availability: Plenty of road frames in both colors. All sizes of the brown cross frame are available. I'm out of stock on the 56, 59, and 62 orange cross frames.

(What's playing: Wilco Poor Places)

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