Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bill's, Ken's, and Bruce's cross bikes...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Three days. Three cross bikes. Three different builds. Three totally cool bikes. Bruce came over from the East Bay to pick up his bike that will be used for mixed-terrain rides in the bay area. He stopped by the shop the week before on the Valley Ford 200k brevet to talk about the build and so I could get some measurements off his bike. He came out yesterday afternoon, picked up his bike and promptly took it out for a little spin. Upon returning he was quite pleased with the ride making the comment that it rode a lot like his Ebisu and would also make a nice bike for riding brevets. Bruce's bike got built up with a Shimano 9 speed drivetrain and Panaracer Pasela tires. Bars are Salsa Woodchippers with an inch cut off the end of the drops. He brought out a well worn Brooks B17 seat to perch atop the seat post.

Bruce's Bike 001

Bruce's Bike 004

Ken's bike was picked up today. I built this one up to replace an old Bianchi cross bike that he had pretty much ridden into the ground. Ken puts in a bunch of miles commuting and has several Paris-Brest-Paris rides to his name, including his most recent one completed on a fixed gear bike. Read "The Hardmen" to understand Ken. Ken's new bike is built with 105 ten-speed STI shifters on 46cm Salsa Bell Lap bars, 9-speed XT rear derailleur, and a SRAM 11-32 ten speed cassette. White Industries hubs and a new old stock front tire he had squirreled away round it out.

Ken's Bike 012

Ken's Bike 014

Ken's Bike 015

Ken's Bike 019

And today, I finished Bill's bike. It's getting shipped to New York tomorrow. This one turned out great too. SRAM 10 speed bar end shifters with a SRAM X.9 10 speed rear derailleur and a 12-36 cassette with Apex compact cranks. Pretty much a #2 cross kit. The shifting is super smooth. This is one kit I am leaning heavily on installing on my cross bike. Bill went with a set of Ragley Luxy bars. I also cut 1" off the end of these to make it easier to get to the shifters. I don't quite understand why the Woodchipper and Luxy bars have such a long drop section. Bill also opted for one of the new Brooks B17 seats in Mandarine. He also went with the Kenda Karma 1.9 tires.

Bill's Bike 024

Bill's Bike 028
(someday when I'm desperate, I may start drinking those Mickey's)

It's tight in the fork, but there's okay clearance for the Karma 1.9. I need to try those Bontrager 1.7 tires sometime.
Bill's Bike 030

Bill's Bike 025

For all the photos that aren't included here, you can go to my flickr page and see them all.

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Guitar Ted said...

The Ragley and Salsa bars have that longer drop extension for precisely the reason you used them for- to cut off to ustomers satisfacdtion. It is a bit harder to add length for those who like it, (me), and I think it adds more passive suspension in the drops when they are that long.

Maybe think of it like a riser bar, not everyone appreciates the length, but for those who do, it is there. Those who don't simply cut them down. Everyone is happy.

blackmountaincycles said...

I wonder if many folks would even think about cutting down a drop bar. Part of my thing about the long section is also a visual thing too. I tend to ride with my hands more in the hooks instead of on the flat area.

Anonymous said...

will you be getting more of the orange cx frames?

blackmountaincycles said...

I'd love to be able to order more orange cross frames, cut can only do so when I can meet minimum frame orders. Might be sooner than later, but probably not within the next 6 months.

The brown frame is pretty sweet too!