Saturday, January 22, 2011

They come in pairs...

Two days in a row, two old Steve Potts bike builds/restos. One from 1983, the other from around '93. One red, one white. This one here is the 1983 red one and it has some interesting details that were really fun to figure out and dial in. So, sit back and get ready for a bunch of photos to load.

redsp 024

redsp 023

redsp 021

redsp 020

redsp 017

redsp 015

Cunningham modified Hi-E hubs. Just like he and Ibis used to do in the old days. Complete with Campagnolo quick release.
redsp 014

Rear hub done in the same fashion as the front. The stock of left flanges are gone, so a right small flange was used. That's not threading for any kind of a drum brake, it's just a right flange used on the left side.
redsp 013

redsp 011

One of the neat features is this pump peg mounted to the "picnic table" chainstay bridge.
redsp 010

How does it work? Remove the wing from a Zefal HP/HPX pump.
redsp 012

And the pump keys right onto the "peg" on the frame.
redsp 019

Another nifty feature of the components are the grafting of the Suntour Mity shifter to the Magura brake lever. This puts the shifter in a much more ergonomic position out where your thumb and finger can reach easily. This is a concept that was originally developed by the guys at WTB way back in the early 80's.
redsp 008

The clamp on the Mity shifter needs to be removed and, typically, the rubber cover was removed too.
redsp 007

A piece of round aluminum was used to stand the shifter off from the brake lever. It has a couple key holes for the shifter to fit into so it doesn't spin around the center bolt.
redsp 006

The base of the spacer has a pin that keys into the brake lever so the whole assembly doesn't spin when shifting.
redsp 005

The bottom side of the Magura lever before drilling.
redsp 002

After drilling out one hole.
redsp 003

After drilling out the bolt hole and drilling a shallow hole for the pin to key into.
redsp 004

And viola!
redsp 009

(What's playing: KWMR's Daybreak)


Tim Joe said...

Awesome brake/shifter hack, Mike. You don't see work like THAT every day. Well, YOU probably do...why am I suddenly craving a cold beer in a green hand grenade bottle?

Anonymous said...

That handlebar is going to fail, I know it! LOL

Anonymous said...

Great, informative post! Are the hubs NOS? Or, if you cleaned them, how did you get them looking so new?


blackmountaincycles said...

LOL - truth be told, I'm not sure I could stomach one of those green bombs after a little (a lot) "getting to know Mickey" over 30 years ago.

blackmountaincycles said...

Frank, the hubs are sort of NOS. They were newly assembled with new old parts. Charlie took existing flanges, machined off the outer lip, made new center tubes, and assembled them as new hubs.