Saturday, January 22, 2011

Potts part II...

So, the red Potts was finished on Thursday (well, actually Friday morning because I overhauled the Campy BMX pedals on Friday) and then this white Potts CCR (Cross Country Racer) came in to be built up yesterday. Can't get much better than this. Especially when pizza from Cafe Reyes and coffee from Toby's is involved - thanks!

This CCR was built up from a 1993 frame/fork that had sat unbuilt for all these years. Putting together an 18 year old new frame, so to speak. The white/black combo is really clean looking and will make a great little rider for the owner.

SP_CCR 001

SP_CCR 002

SP_CCR 003

SP_CCR 004

SP_CCR 005

And yes, these Suntour Ergotec shifters really do work pretty nice. Especially after completely rebuilding them so they index.
SP_CCR 006

(What's playing: KWMR's Daybreak)


Guitar Ted said...

Wow! That's a pretty sweet rig. The SunTour Ergo Tech shifters are a new one on me. Looks like they are integrated into the brake levers, correct? Those must be as rare as hen's teeth.

blackmountaincycles said...

Yes, integrated. There is a double cable system. A short cable attached to the twist part (which always returns to it's original location) also attaches to a spool where the main shift cable is anchored. It's pretty smooth with not much friction.