Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Potts 29"er custom build...

Recently finished this little beauty. By little, I mean it's smaller than what I ride. But then just about everything is little by comparison. Sweet custom Steve Potts titanium 29"er with a Type II fork. All told, this rocket ship weighed in at 21 pounds, 3 ounces without pedals. Pretty dang respectable. The build is for a rider - Shimano XT 10 speed, White Industries hubs with titanium freehub body built into Stan's No Tubes ZTR Crest rims, and shod with Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires. The wheels help contribute to the low weight. The white bar/stem is a nice look to the white painted Type II fork. All-in-all, a really sweet bike that will soon be tackling the trails of the British Columbia area.

sp29 005

sp29 006

sp29 007

sp29 008

sp29 009

sp29 010

sp29 011

sp29 012

sp29 013

sp29 016

sp29 017

sp29 015

(What's playing: The Bridge Dirt On My Hands)


Spoony said...


Tim Joe Comstock said...

Very tasty, Mike.

Ben said...

Really, really cool. Makes me want another one!

Anonymous said...

That's one of the nicer 29ers I've seen come out of Steve's shop. Love the non-SC Type II fork.