Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cross bike details and delivery update...

First, an update on frame delivery. Seems customs wants to take a closer look at the shipment so they pulled the frames for a "manifest hold" to do a more intensive exam. Grrrrrrr. They're just bike frames! So, my estimate of receiving them this week will likely be delayed to next week. As I get more info from the broker, I'll post it. A delay of a few days is okay, but it will also likely incur additional charges that I'll have to pony up. That seems wrong to me.

Anyway, not your problem. But hey, check this out! There were a few questions on Guitar Ted's post about tire size so I got to the shop today and checked clearance with a Kenda Karma 1.9 tire. It fits! In addition, here are some other detail shots showing the front derailleur cable stop that plays well with Shimano/SRAM/Campy integrated brake/shift levers (aka brifters). There is also a barrel adjuster/cable stop for the rear brake.

With the 1.9 tires, the bike just looks so tough - especially the orange.
bmc-cross 008

Brake cable stop/adjuster
bmc-cross 002

Front derailleur cable stop/adjuster
bmc-cross 003

Front deralleur roller for bottom pull derailleurs - included with the frameset
bmc-cross 004

Tire clearance with Panaracer FireCross 700x45c tires (which actually measure 49-50mm knob-to-knob).
bmc-cross 005

Clearance with 1.9 Kenda Karma with the wheel all the way forward in the dropout.
bmc-cross 006

Karma 1.9 with wheel deep in the dropout
bmc-cross 007

Looks pretty tough in this configuration. I may never ride a mountain bike again.
bmc-cross 008

(What's playing: Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men Haley's Comet)


Gloria said...

Get yer butt back on a mountain bike, Mike!

Nice orange!

How many mm does the Karma measure knob to knob?

blackmountaincycles said...

49.something, virtually the same as the FireCross 45. The difference is the Karma is 49mm casing too. The knob width is the same as the casing. Volume!

Guitar Ted said...

WaHoo! My Bonty XR-1's are 47.5mm knob to knob. This is great news.

The details like the adjusters and roller for bottom pull front derailleurs are the things I am talking about when I say that you get the details right. That's what sold me on this frame. The tire clearance is a bonus.

And you really need to keep riding those old mountain bikes. It'd be a shame to let 'em sit!

Captain Bob said...

Nice Mike! Can't wait to see GT's when he gets it. What size frame is in the pictures? I like!

blackmountaincycles said...

The frame pictured is the 56cm.

Thanks everyone!

Gloria said...

So...the big question is:

Did GT get BMC #0001?

blackmountaincycles said...

Good question. Won't know until it shows up.

John said...

That looks great Mike!