Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's in the stand...

Really neat early '80s fillet-brazed Ritchey road frame came in for a Phil bottom bracket onto which a set of Mavic cranks got bolted. Best thing about this old beauty is it's going to get ridden and not stuck on a shelf. ;-)

Funny thing, on my flickr page, someone added this photo to a gallery of Tom Ritchey road frames. Looking at the photos, I think to myself "I'd really like to have a Ritchey road frame," only to remember, "duh, I already have a fillet-brazed Ritchey road bike."

Ritchey road frame #5

That's a tiny head tube
Ritchey road frame #4

Ritchey road frame #3

Ritchey road frame 2

Ritchey road frame 1

(What' playing: Jimi Hendrix Red House)


Ric said...

TR's fillets were things of beauty. Don't know when he quit building, but my used TR "Road Classic" fillet-brazed frame, bought back in ~ 2000, from a gent that owned a shop in Texas (and sponsored a TR-mounted team), might have been one of the last. Man, I loved that frame--rode it everywhere, incl. off-road, shod w/ 26mm CX tubbies...surprised a number of mountain bikers on the Santiago Truck Trail. Was just a bit too big, so it's (sadly) long gone.

Anonymous said...

How about some photos of your Ritchey road bike too?

blackmountaincycles said...

My Ritchey needs some work before it can be presented. Winter project.