Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's in the pint glass...

Well, not right now because it's not even noon yet (even though it is noon somewhere). Nothing quite goes with bikes quite like beer (and coffee). And not again for another couple weeks. I tried my hand at a little home brewing with a tripple hopped ale. Home brewing is definitely not something you want to try if you want instant gratification. The two week fermentation period, a one week, in bottle, carbonation period, and finally a 3-4 week aging period means you gots ta wait a good long piece to find out if your attempt was successful.

Well, I didn't wait and sampled a couple bottles after the one week carbonation period. Got to say, the results are verrrryyy palatable. Really looking forward to enjoying it in another 3 weeks. Stop by the shop around the end of the month and help me sample a smooth, hoppy ale. For now, you'll just have to imagine the taste with this photo.

Hopped up

(What's in the mug: Kinetic Koffee Morning Meyhem while listening to KWMR)

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jacquie phelan said...

I'm imaginin'!! Had that little sample taste last week--fyne!
Hey thanks for swift return of the Bruiser, check is in (fe)mail.