Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Merlin for sale...

SOLD! Thanks, Smitty!

Another used bike for sale is a mid-90s Merlin titanium mountain bike. It's decked out in a complete Shimano XTR M900 group (sorry, the quick releases are missing). Seat post and stem are Thomson. The Flite seat in the photo isn't included so you'll have to find your own seat. Judy SL fork and Shimano. Price is $1300. I gotta pay sales tax, so you do too if you are in California. Shipping and packing is extra.

Seat tube is 18" center to center and about 19 1/4" center to top. Top tube is 23 1/2" effective.

(What's playing: The Clash Clash City Rockers)


efuentes said...


Could you try a 650b in the back, this might be my bike :)


sherpaehb said...

Is that a 1" steerer or 1-1/8"?

blackmountaincycles said...

1" steerer tube

I tried a Pacenti 2.35 Neo-Moto - doesn't fit. I doubt a Quasi-Moto will fit as well.

sherpaehb said...


Do you have any old school rigid forks hanging around that would work on this bike? I have some Box levers and Wasatch linear brakes that would be nice to fit on this bike. But I'm looking for a fully rigid ride. If we could come up with something appropriate/period for a fork. I'd make the journey from San Diego to take this off your hands...

Let me know. I'm intrigued!


blackmountaincycles said...

E-mail me at blackmtncycles(at)gmail(dot)com. I need to measure some things, but there may be an option.