Sunday, December 12, 2010

Masi Gran Criterium...

What's in the stand today? A Masi Gran Criterium from Carlsbad, that's what. Based on the serial number (MC53 for Masi Carlsbad 53cm followed by 0782), it should have been made in 1976. The original owner hadn't ridden it for years and wanted, not a restoration, but a resurrection. Clean all the parts, buff the lightly rusted chrome parts, overhaul the bearings, build a set of clincher wheels with an extra hubset, and put it back together. Turned out beautiful. Nice, clean road bike that will be a super comfortable ride with the new 28c tires.

masi 006

masi 007

masi 008

masi 010

masi 011

masi 012

masi 013

masi 014

masi 015

masi 016

masi 017

masi 018

masi 019

masi 020

masi 021

masi 005

(What's playing: The Byrds Yesterday's Train)


seaneee said...


But you gotta ditch those velox plugs for the trademark cali masi Hunt Wilde ones in white!

Tim Joe Comstock said...

You are an artist, Mike.

Rico said...

Full-tilt road race frame, with clearance for a 28c tire...those were the days.

There's something about the cache of a 1" top tube, and thin-filed lugs.

Who? Me? said...

What tire's that? The Panaracer/Riv Rolly Polly?

blackmountaincycles said...

Yes, Rolly Polly.