Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great end of year news...

I've been working for this for over three years. It was a slow process. It was also a huge learning experience. I'd done similar types of work involving the design and specification of frames and bikes. However, I'd not managed or undertake the whole process from design to purchasing to receiving to payment. That's about to change.

Got great news that my first order of frames will be on board the Ever Elite on January 3, 2011 with an ETA in San Francisco of January 19, 2011. The amount of information on the internet is quite amazing. It's possible to find and track a vessel as it makes its way from port to port. Here is the current location of the Ever Elite, just off the coast of Kaoshung, Taiwan.

Once the Ever Elite makes port in San Francisco, it's a few days to get the frames transported to Point Reyes Station. Guess I'd better figure out where to store 98 frames. Well, less than that because some are already spoken for and they'll go out or get built up right away. If you want yours let me know right away. Even though there are almost 100 frames coming in two models with two colors each and in 5 sizes, there's really just a handful of each color/model/size.

So, happy New Year. Here's to another exciting year at Black Mountain Cycles. And here's a couple pictures of the Ever Elite in San Francisco Bay.

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Tim Joe Comstock said...

Congratulations, Mike. I hope you will be documenting some of these builds. Sounds like a busy start for Black Mountain in 2011.

A question: Will you be creating a "stock" Black Mountain bike? It would be very illuminating to see the choices a master mechanic makes when building his own brand with one eye on performance and the other on price.

blackmountaincycles said...

Tim, thanks. Yep, sure will be posting the builds. There will be a few right off the bat.

To your second question, yes, I will be putting together a couple of "stock" bike builds. I hope to have the info compiled soon.

Jake said...

Dang, that's exciting! Very cool journey that you're on with the building and shipping of the frames. Best of luck!

jkeiffer said...

Congrats Mike, must be nice to have almost seen it all the way through!

I agree that the completes will be interesting to hear about.