Sunday, November 28, 2010

Highest praise...

The highest praise one can ever receive always comes from a source that goes out of their way to seek you out specifically to write a positive note. It was very nice to check out the Black Mountain Cycles Facebook page yesterday and find this note:

"One of the coolest bike shops I've been to EVER. It is a little unusual to me that between Anza-Borrego State Park and Ashland Oregon, the two bike shops we visited both specialize in off road drop bar bikes! How cool is that? Thank you for taking the time to explain & chart a ride for my wife & I when we visited. I am... impressed with the shop, and (Mike?) -the level of professionalism. It is easy to recognize someone who knows & loves bicycles."

I'm totally blown away by the super kind words. But on an even more amazing level, the other shop mentioned that they visited just happened to be Chuck Hoefer's Pacific Coast Cycles, where I worked from 1988 to 1993. What are the chances? It's over 800 miles between Anza-Borrego and Ashland and they visit both Chuck's shop and my shop. Based on other similar happenstances that have happened since I opened the shop, it's actually not so unusual.


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