Saturday, October 30, 2010

What's in the stand, pt. 2...

Part 2 of today's What's In The Stand installment is a little something-something from over the hill in Fairfax. I got a phone call yesterday from a guy who has been following this blog for a while. He called to find out if I am going to be open today (yes), since I note in on my "When & Where" page on my website that I sometimes take a weather day. It also turns out that we know each other from way back in the day when I worked at Pacific Coast Cycles and he was a customer and one of the Bubbas. Bubbas were customers and riding buddies at the shop. Sure wish I still had one of the old Scum Bubbas t-shirts.

Anyway, a call from the past yesterday to find out if I'm going to be open today and oh, by the say, do you have any Cunninghams in your shop that I can check out? Why, as a matter of fact, I do have, not one, but three Cunninghams in the shop to check out. One is my mountain bike, the other two are a friend's road Cunninghams. Road Cunningham - rarer than hen's teeth.

The current road 'ham is one that got built up for its owner with a mostly NOS selection of Mavic parts: 862 front derailleur, 801 rear derailleur, 630 S.S.C. crankset, 430 brake levers. The wheel is a new custom, Hi-E Cunningham modified 28h hub with Mavic OR 10 rim. If you look closely, the left flange body is also threaded. When Charlie built the hub, all he had was threaded flanges (high on right, low on left). The hub is spaced at 133mm and builds a virtual dishless rear wheel with a 6-speed Regina freewheel.

If anyone wants to check out this bike, hurry, it's going to be heading to its new home Monday (well, maybe Tuesday).

#31 001

#31 008

#31 003

#31 007

#31 024

#31 020

#31 016

#31 027

#31 013

#31 012

#31 004

#31 010

#31 006

#31 026

(What's playing: Nick Cave Stagger Lee)


Ric said...

Those old Suntour Superb brakes were beauts. Heck, I never heard that CC made road frames.

I frequented PCC, back on 91-92, when working in the area. PCC was in their 'old' local, close to the RR tracks. Chuck had a bevy of handmade frames that were akin to modern art.
Ran into Chuck ~ 2 years ago, when on a trip to SLO county. He & his wife were in Morro Bay, with his handmade canoe on the top. Same old Chuck....

blackmountaincycles said...

Cool! Another customer of PCC from that era stopped by my shop today. We would have known each other since I was working at the shop during those years. Small world!

Jason said...

When I walked in your shop today I could have sworn you were a Cunningham dealer with what was in the stands!

I am bummed I was in such a hurry to catch the bus out of town (damn knee prevented me from riding back to Fairfax).

Every time I am in town, I plan to stop at the shop to see the great bikes that live there and are in the stand.

Bobbi said...

Great detailed pictures.

Maybe some day I'll have a ride like that......

tim joe comstock said...

Coldset and faced...sounds like a good time.