Thursday, August 12, 2010

Next stop, Rotorua...

A couple years ago, I posted a build of a bike that was being raced at 2008 Single Speed World Championships in Napa, CA. Now, I'm posting another bike build that will be raced at the 2010 Single Speed World Championships in Rotorua, New Zealand. This bike has its roots in the 2008 SSWC race. You see, its owner won the prize at the '08 event for racing on the oldest bike. In a bit or irony, the rider of the oldest bike won a new frame by Mike DeSalvo. What's even more interesting is that the winner of the new frame is married to a frame builder. Well, maybe "retired" frame builder is more apt.

Without being all cryptic, Jacquie Phelan piloted her WTB Phoenix at the 2008 SSWC at Napa and by having a bike made in '91, she won a new frame. Her husband, Charlie Cunningham, drafted the frame geometry for Mike DeSalvo, and with frame in hand, I built the bike for her. Turned out pretty nice. Built as a geared bike, but assembled as a single-speed.

Here's a shot I took at the '08 edition of SSWC in Napa of Jacquie aboard here prize winning Phoenix.
sswc08 032 (Large)

And here's her new bike all built up.
JP-DS 002

Nitto 1l bottle holder.
Neato Nitto

Head badge

Shimano was kind enough to send out a care package of parts including a set of XTR M960 series cranks. Great as a triple, not so great converting to single-speed. I had an R700 road compact crank that I fit up to the DeSalvo with a 34t ring. Turned out really clean. Low q-factor. High style factor.
Road crank

Sean at Soulcraft gave us the bro-buddy deal on a Convert chaintensioner. Happens to be the same tensioner I used on that '08 race bike too and the tensioner still sets up better'n anything else.

In case there are two DeSalvos with the same parts, same color, same size, this makes it easy to tell whose it is.

Cinelli Unicanitor saddle. Believe it or not, this all plastic saddle is one damn comfortable saddle.
Cinelli Unicanitor

There are probably some saddles in the JP/CC household that are also tagged "CC."
J.P's Unicanitor

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Anonymous said...

Great looking bike, nice set-up and parts! No dropbar this time? Great tip on the bottle holder: didn't know it exists. Oh, and I love reading your informative blogs. Ta, Frank

Oli Brooke-White said...

Lovely! Hopefully I'll be able to see that bicycle parked up outside the Pig and Whistle that week...

Good stuff as always, Mike. Cheers.

TimJoe Comstock said...

Beautiful stuff, Mike. Ms. Toeclips
should be pleased. Isn't New Zealand
one big Marin County?

blackmountaincycles said...

Thanks all!

Oli, I'm sure you'll see it or her at the Pig and Whistle (does every city with a Brit population have a P & W?)

TJ C - except without all the conservative liberals ; )

OneSurlyFly'r said...

Really nice werk that, nah here Ft.Worth 'as Bull-n-Bush.. not sure 'bout th' Brits tho, stick'n to the burbs reckon, candy crank.