Monday, August 16, 2010

Fendered Luna...

It's a very odd juxtaposition when someone of my stature (6'3") works on a bike ridden by a 4'11" rider. For one thing, it's really difficult to test ride it since this bike could probably fit through the front triangle of my bike. Regardless, it's a really nice custom bike by Luna Cycles that the owner enjoys the heck out of. It came in yesterday for some hammered Honjo fenders. It's strange. Looking at the bike when I was working on it, it looked like the curvature of the front fender was much better than shown in the photo. I'll have to fix that next time it's in.


luna 003

(What's playing: The Eagles Take It To The Limit)


bug said...

Actually I'm 4'10 and i love the new fenders!

Ben said...

I love me some Honjos. Beautiful bike.