Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Almost too busy to post anything. There have been some sweet bikes through the stand (I'll get some pics up soon). Not too busy to get a couple really nice rides in the past couple of mornings. Got out on the road yesterday for about 2 hours out to Kehoe Beach. Did a little couple hour mixed-terrain ride with friends early Tuesday. Spun around the Marshall Wall loop on Monday. Three solid rides.

Left the house at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday and was treated to the full moon setting over Inverness Ridge. Pictures didn't do this image justice.
img 039

img 042

Yesterday, I was out the door just as the sun started peeking over Black Mountain.

2010-08-25 003

Headed up and over Ottinger's Hill and out to Kehoe Beach. One of my favorite morning rides.

2010-08-25 006

Out early so lots of long shadows.

2010-08-25 008

2010-08-25 010

Some fans along the road.

2010-08-25 012

The trail out to Kehoe Beach.

2010-08-25 014

2010-08-25 016

Overnight tracks in the sand.

2010-08-25 017

Nice little Bontrager came through the stand. I hear they are whippy.


The view across the wetlands at Mt. Whitenberg on my morning commute.

commute 005

Then reality hits when I get to the shop. Burning Man is coming up. I know this because people come in looking for "Burning Man" bikes or wanting to get their Burning Man bikes ready to ride after sitting for the past year with the dust from the playa congealed on every moving part of their bike. However, unlike many shops, I'll make their bike safe to ride around the hot, dusty playa for one week out of the year. Here are a couple Burning Man gems.

Also been a crazy busy wheel builder. Seems like every wheel is getting built with either a White Industries hub, old WTB Classic Grease Guard hub, or a Hi-E / Cunningham modded hub.

Black White hubs.
Black White Hubs

WTB hubs ready to build into wheels.

WTB hubs

Might have to start a segment called who's on the couch.

Steve, Cowboy, and John.
Steve, Cowboy, John

Jacquie and Noah
JP and NG

(What's playing: Wilco Dash 7)

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