Friday, July 2, 2010

What's in the stand...

The past several days have seen more than my fare share of sweet bikes in the shop for repair or to be built. The level and quality even surpasses what I typically see. Top notch, all of them. The first one in the list of "to do's" was an Ibis tandem that needed some help to get the drag brake to run "drag" free when it wasn't engaged. Then it was simple things like new tires, shifting and brake adjustments, timing chain adjustment...

Ibis Touche

Next up was a Kirk road frame that was getting built from some nice Campy Chorus 10s parts from a race bike that no longer suited the owner's riding style. The Kirk is built in a style that I really like. Clearance for big tires, room for fenders...just a clean, comfortable bike.

Ibis + Kirk

Kirk 07

Kirk 06

Kirk 05

Kirk 04

Kirk 03

Kirk 02

Sometimes, you can't take all the racer out of the rider. I'm sure this bike is going to ride fantastic with tubular tires.

Kirk 01

Last up yesterday was a Merlin Newsboy in need of new cables. Not a fun job routing the cables through the down tube. But after 10 years and the last person to work on cables being Charlie Cunningham, this one will be good for another ten.


That was my Thursday. Today will see a Davidson road bike, a Zinn titanium road bike, and a De Rosa Neo Primato road bike in the stand. Happy Friday!

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