Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Steve Potts Expedition bike build...

This one is a bike I could own. A custom titanium Steve Potts "expedition" bike for a local rider. The owner's plan is to ride the rails north and then turn south and ride back through secondary and dirt roads. Sounds like a fun adventure. But you're probably wanting pictures.

exp 012

exp 004

exp 008

exp 014

exp 017

exp 018

exp 022

exp 023

(What's playing: John Doe & The Sadies: The Night Life)


GNAT said...


Ben said...

I've been thinking of having Steve make mine Rohloff compatible with a few DT guides at some point. It'd be an easy switch from Rohloff to SS at a whim, and with frame bags it'd certainly do alright. Beautiful bike there. I was wondering if you had something to do with it. I simply love those dropouts.

blackmountaincycles said...

Ben, a little to do with it. It's interesting how close to a Vaya it turned out. We started this project in 2008 and it went through a couple revisions. The Rohloff/SS project sounds neat.

MMcG said...

Holy Moly - that's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

what is the different between this fork and the type II usually comes on Steve bikes ?
beautiful bike.

blackmountaincycles said...

This fork is a simple unicrown style suited to road and gravel roads. The Type II is a mountain bike fork and is much stouter with larger diameter lower blades.

Giovanni said...

Is that road shift/levers used on a mountain bike derailleur and disc brakes. Have I missed something lately as I was under the impression that you could not combine them.

A beautiful looking Steve Potts bike and it looks like you could pass it down to your grand children in years to come. Pity that Steve Potts bikes are unheard of down here in Australia.

blackmountaincycles said...

Giovanni, yes that is a road STI lever. The 9-speed levers are fully compatible with Shimano mountain bike derailleurs. The Avid brake caliper is their road caliper that is compatible with road brake levers, including STI levers. The front derailleur must be a road derailleur to be compatible with the cable pull of the front STI shifter. In this case it's a Tiagra triple model.