Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Saturday vintage bike fest...

I wasn't able to make it to the ride, but sure enjoyed the after gathering. On Saturday, a bunch of friends organized a vintage mountain bike ride at China Camp. Plenty of great classic mountain bikes from the 80's and 90's. After the ride, everyone headed out to Black Mountain Cycles for food and beer. Within a stone's throw, there are a couple of great to-go eateries - the Chinese Chuckwagon and the Whale of A Deli. The food from the Chinese Chuckwagon is pretty self-explanatory, but the Whale of A Deli serves up great Mexican food with the carnitas (my favorite) grilled to order and built into a huge burrito (I recommend getting the works and hot, not mild).

What's a vintage mountain bike ride without photos - thanks to Joe, Eric, and Geoff for permission to use the following photos.

Joe (oh, by the way, Joe Breeze showed up on the ride on his '82 Breezer and made the trip out to Pt. Reyes as well - how cool is that!) eats his burrito while Steve Potts talks about an old modified Phoenix single-speed frame.

Steve Potts CCR in the stand.

Pink Steve Potts CCR sporting a Black Mountain Cycles bottle.

Joe's '82 Breezer

Yours truly with a great carnitas burrito

Joe and Steve

Ritchey P-23 twins with Black Mountain Cycles bottles (thanks, guys for rocking the bottles).

Snakebelly tire sporting the marks of age didn't seem to slow Joe Breeze during the ride.

'82 Breezer stem and cable routing

Pre-ride bike check

Gloria, Stuart, Joe, food and beverages.
Pre-ride bike check.

Cunningham Racer

'82 Breezer seat cluster. Joe Breeze was also an inventor of the Hite-Rite.

Thanks again to everyone for making the trip out to visit at the shop, the burritos and the beer.

(What's playing: U2 Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around the World)


rumpfy said...

Pretty legendary day. One I won't soon forget.

Joe Steel said...

You have a great shop Mike! Thanks for letting us hangout after the ride. It was an awesome end to the day. And I'm diggin' my new Black Mountain Cycles T-shirt too. Great design!

Jim G said...

Let me know next time and I'll ride out on my Bonty Race Lite! ;)

blackmountaincycles said...

Jim, I think this was promoted on the mtbr vintage forum.