Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catch up post...

Been pretty busy this week. Repairs and and a little interview my Bakersfield & Beyond co-host, Amanda, and I did this week took up some time. Yep, we interviewed Merle Haggard on Tuesday and will air the interview tonight on KWMR. Tune in if you can. It's going to be fun.

And here are some bikes that recently made their way through the stand.

Fat Chance Yo Betty
img 023

img 024

Fisher Mt. Tam - fillet-brazed by Tom Teasdale
img 020

Titanium Fat Chance
img 021

Bernie Mikkelsen road bike w/ Campagnolo Super Record
image 001

image 003

This 1929 Mead Ranger got boxed up to be sent off it its new owner.
image 004

Wooden rims
image 005

image 006

image 007

image 008

(What' playing: The Who Won't Get Fooled Again)

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