Saturday, June 5, 2010

Black Mountain Cycles frame update...

Been a while since I've updated my the Black Mountain Cycles frame status. So, here's the scoop. Even though I had initially created a bunch of frames (road, cross, track, 650b mountain bike, 29" wheel mountain bike), I am going to offer the road and cross frames first. Who knows if I'll get to the other frames. Maybe. Some day. The priority is the road and cross frames because those two frames really represent the focus of Black Mountain Cycles: steel frames, clearance for fat tires, ability to fit fenders, clean simple visual appeal, and after riding samples for many months, they are super fun bikes to ride.

Back to the scoop. The road and cross drawings are 100% approved. I had to make some minor tweaks to the drawings for the samples (they were about 95% dialed). I've given a rough order to the frame maker and now the next step is to wait for a delivery date and a final price so I can issue a formal purchase order. I've already provided an informal purchase order and, hopefully, they are using that to begin ordering raw materials and getting everything ready to go. I'll know this coming week.

Regardless of the final quote, the frames will be $600 for frame and fork. They will include seat collars and any other part that attaches to the frame to make it a frame. In the case of the road frame, that includes the bb cable guide (that might seem like a no-brainer, but I've received frames from custom builders where they don't supply the guide or seat clamp), stainless bolts for all braze-ons, and Shimano down tube shifter boss stops. The cross frame will include the two threaded cable stops for front derailleur and rear brake, horizontal dropout adjuster screws, and stainless bolts for braze-ons.

The frames will use a tubeset made by the main high-end tubing supplier in Taiwan. The tube specification will use a light, but not too light, tubeset. I've tested frames with the next step heavier tubeset and the next step lighter tubeset and I think this butted tube profile gives the optimum ride that I'm looking for. The frames will also be heat-treated which is an expensive. I could have gone without heat-treating and a heavier tubeset, but I just love how the bikes ride with this tubeset.

Colors. Colors will be the same as the samples. Orange for road, brown for cross. The brown has a very subtle metallic/pearl sheen to it. The decals will be under a clear powder coat that is nice an durable. I will order a second, limited quantity, color for each model because a few friends asked for a different color. The second color for the road frame will be a classic metallic (but not too metallic-y) champagne similar to an old Masi Gran Criterium I have. The cross frame's second color will be the same orange as seen on the road frame.

Sizes: both frames will be available in 50, 53, 56, 59, and 62 centimeter frames. That's measured from the center of the bb to the top of the seat tube. I'll post exact geometry later.

When? I'm hoping they stick to their guns and I see frames in July. That seems optimistic, but stranger things have happened. I'm going to say July with a qualifier - maybe August.

How do you get yours? Soon, I will be offering an early-bird purchase deal. To folks who have been waiting and want to pre-order a frame, I'll offer a special deal that could possibly include some sweet goodies with the frame price. I'll post this in the coming week. For now, enjoy your Saturday. Hope you get out and ride.

The road bike
Black Mountain Cycles road bike

The cross bike
img 033

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Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like one big difference between your frames and Surly's, for example, is heat-treated steel.
Any other examples of your superiority?

blackmountaincycles said...

That's one difference. A bigger difference is I can only order a handful of frames compared to the thousands that Surly orders. But in all honesty, Surly makes a great bike too. I don't see one being more or less superior, just some minor differences. Surly is a company with employees. I'm a one-man bike shop and these are my frames. I'm pretty durn proud of them - the samples, thus far.

Alan said...

Seems like a well though out design. I hope that they do well! The capacity for wider tires and fenders are good ideas. I have only about 1/8" of clearance with 700x25 on my current frame/fork. I'm guessing 650b road tires like the Pacenti Pari-Moto will fit your new frame.

franklyn said...

What will the brake reach be for the road frame for 700c wheels? I know you mentioned that it will fit Jack Browns (I assume with fenders) on the photo flickr page. I have only 650b wheels now (an Ebisu and a Kogswell) and might consider converting the road frame to use 650b wheels, if the brake reach works out. I guess the next question is, will the fork crown and seat stay be able to fit 52mm metal fenders...

blackmountaincycles said...

Brake reach will be standard reach (49-59) with the pad down near the bottom of the slot. Fenders won't fit with 33's, but will fit with 28's. 52mm wide fenders won't fit. In all honesty, if you want to run 650b x fat tires, I would steer you in the direction of a frame that is made to work specifically with 650b wheels, but with your Ebisu and Kogswell, you've got some nice 650b bikes already.

franklyn said...

Thanks Mike,

make sense. it's just that roadish 650b bikes made to ride trails--in the mode of Rawland Sogn--are rare. Rawland only has disc-only options now. The Kogswell might work, but mine is the standard-sized tubing version that might not work too well on the trails for too long. Thanks for the info.

blackmountaincycles said...

The new Rawland Drakkar is a sweet bike. The disc brakes make it a nice all weather rider. With the disc caliper placed on the chainstay permits easy fender/rack installation.